Grief Counseling

Since 1982, Crisis Support Services of Alameda County (CSS) has provided low-fee counseling to bereaved members of the community. CSS also plays a vital role in responding to traumatic events and post-disaster services throughout the community.  Losing someone important to us is one of the most confusing and frightening experiences we ever have to face.

CSS provides low-fee counseling to adults who are bereaved or affected by the traumatic loss through suicide, homicide, or sudden loss. Our support groups for suicide survivors and those who have attempted suicide are vital for isolated and at-risk individuals during times of loss.

Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for people who are grieving the death of a significant other. We appreciate how difficult it may be for you to come in and talk to us during this time of loss. We specialize in working with those affected by traumatic loss: accidental death, suicide, and homicide. Many survivors who make use of our services find individual and/or group counseling experiences supportive and reassuring.

Grief Counseling Mission

Our mission is to facilitate healing and improve coping by providing a safe, confidential space for bereaved people to receive emotional support, education and guidance through each person’s individual grief journey.


Many of the individuals we serve have been affected by traumatic experiences. Our service incorporates evidence about the prevalence and impact of traumatic events across the life span in order to exceed best-practice standards of public service agencies.

CSS provides individual, family,and group counseling and debriefing services. Counseling is provided by mental health interns who receive specialized, ongoing training in grief and trauma. Our interns are all supervised by licensed professionals with expertise in grief and trauma work.

Whom We Serve

CSS provides counseling services to residents of Alameda County of all ages. Bereavement groups are provided to adults 18 years of age and older. Individual Bereavement Counseling is provided to individuals, couples, families, and children.

Support Groups

    This group provides a safe, therapeutic environment for people to explore and process their feelings about having lost a loved one to suicide.
    This group offers people with suicidal thoughts and feelings, a safe, confidential, and supportive environment to explore their experiences, identify coping strategies, and create their own safety plans.
    This group provides support and coping strategies for people who have lost a friend or relative to homicide. Death by homicide can be especially difficult for survivors, who are often re-traumatized by the criminal justice system and may feel stuck in the experience of helplessness, intense sadness, and rage.
    A confidential place for exploring feelings that arise when we are faced with the anxiety and stress that the long-term and terminal illness of a loved one brings.
    A safe and confidential support group for coping with loss and life transitions. This group provides education, support, and practical strategies to help individuals move toward healing in their personal grief experience.


  • “Victims of Crime” funding is available
  • Sliding scale based upon ability to pay
  • No one turned away for lack of financial resources

All Grief Counseling services are conducted in Alameda County, California.

Contact Us

We respect your privacy.  Email is not a secure method of communication.  If you are interested in receiving services or would like more information about our program, contact the Counseling Services Program by calling: 1-800-260-0094.