Stress Counseling

When employment is lost, we rightfully feel threatened. Stress is our natural response to a threatening situation and dealing with unemployment is often very overwhelming. There are countless important things to take care of, and finding a new job, as quickly as possible, is usually what gets people back on track and what people want to concentrate on first.

However, when the threat of unemployment persists, our stress response persists as well and can tax us beyond what our body and mind can handle. This is when stress can begin to have a negative impact on our health, our family, and our ability to effectively pursue employment. Feelings of sadness, anger, grief, anxiety, and confusion are normal stress reactions, but left unchecked and coupled with job loss, can quickly turn into a crisis.

Prolonged emotional duress and financial uncertainty can wear a person down with the result of escalating feelings of hopelessness and/or rage. Our reaction to this “situational crisis” may be very mild, moderate, or extreme and debilitating. Financial hardship is a contributing cause of despair and hopelessness that can cause great distress and even cause some people to contemplate suicide.

Crisis Support Services (CSS) has a long history of providing crisis intervention, suicide prevention, stress counseling, emotional support, psychoeducation, and resource referral to individuals who have lost their job or are in danger of losing their job. CSS has developed a number of different stress counseling options to better suit the needs of job seekers in partnership with the Workforce Investment Board (WIB) throughout the One Stop Career Centers (a.k.a., America’s Job Center) in Alameda County.


To foster healthy coping skills to reduce stress and provide immediate and sustained support to displaced workers to better enhance their employability.


Through stress counseling, CSS staff, volunteers, and interns:

  • Provide psychotherapy
  • Provide workshops and support groups
  • 24-hour stress counseling support line

Whom We Serve

Stress counseling is available to any person registered at any of the Career One Stops/America’s Job Centers throughout Alameda County.

24-hour Stress Support Line: 888-866-7561.




Clinical Director: Devah DeFusco, LMFT 510-420-2475